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Running business in a dynamic and permanently changing environment is inevitably combined with risk taking. The key to success is to manage the risk effectively. The efficient tool to minimize negative results of unstable reality is outsourcing, which allows to take advantage of the chances generated by this reality. Co-operation with reliable, experienced, highly qualified specialists in the scope of accounting and tax regulations guarantees the safety of economical growth and helps to optimize the tax policy of an entrepreneur.

Accounting Company BEST CONTRACT offers you its involvement in building and performing your company accounting and tax strategy and eventually to achieve your goals. Advising you, we would like to be the co-authors of your business success.

We are pride of our long-term professional experience and we feel obliged to improve our qualifications and to watch the changes in the scope of tax and accountancy regulations. The confirmation of our reliability is the Ministry of Finance license authorizing to run the accounting company. Our company is fully responsible for proper accounting and tax calculations. According to the binding regulations we have respective third-party insurance covering this scope.

We invite you to co-operate with us.


„By dotrzeć do źródła, trzeba płynąć pod prąd”
Stanisław Jerzy Lec
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