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Licensed Accounting Company BEST CONTRACT

... runs its business in Swinoujscie and in the neighborhood. The owners of this company are Artur Rutkowski. We provide services for Polish and foreign entities. We also talk in English. Long experience in variety of business branches allows us to represent our clients professionally against state and fiscal authorities. Young and ambitious people who are able to come into their own in the European reality are the asset of our company. Dialogue and comprehensive service- this is what we can offer.

Why should I choose your accounting company?

This question arises almost always in the first contact with any accounting company. We have to say honestly what makes our company a good choice for you. The answer is: in other accounting companies the owner- an accountant with long experience does not provide services personally, but takes care about the company managing and the services are provided by an employee with limited experience. The owner is engaged only in case the employee doesn't know how to proceed and asks for support. However, an employee often is not aware about the lack of knowledge and does not signalize problems. It is different in our company, each client is directly booked and supervised by the company owners- the accountants with long professional experience. Each client's documents are analyzed in details by the chief accountant which makes risk of faults and negligence much lower.

Professional qualifications:

Artur - university degree MA:

- graduated University of Szczecin - specialization: Accountancy,
- the member of Accountants Association in Poland,
- Ministry of Finance license no. 5 4 4 2 /2004.

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